The name “Nostalgaia” comes from the combination of the Greek words “Νοσταλγία” (nostalgia or desire) and “Γαῖα” (earth in ancient Greek). Behind the name “Nostalgaia”, is the love for the uncultivated Greek land and the desire for the pure products that it generously offers us.

Family tradition

Our family tradition has been inextricably linked with olive trees for more than 4 generations, as growers and producers of extra virgin olive oil. Some olive trees that stand out in our estates are centuries old. About 25 years ago, when the principles and standards of organic cultivation became known in Greece, our olive groves in Achaia and Laconia were directly and formally included in the Certified Organic Cultivation.

Company profile

With respect to the land and the nature, we decided to establish “Nostalgaia”, which is a purely family business, and to dedicate ourselves to our extra virgin olive oil business, bottling with high quality standards the purest product that our place produces.

The land

Our olive groves are located in the Peloponnese, more specifically:

Agrilia, Achaea

In a small, traditional village of the county of Achaia, named “Agrilia”, which is 50 kilometers in a straight line from Ancient Olympia, the sacred site of the Olympic games. The toponym came from the wild – native olive trees that grew on the ground due to the appropriate climatic and soil conditions.

Vasilaki, Laconia

In a picturesque, semi-mountainous village of the county of Laconia, “Vasilaki”, which has a long tradition in olive cultivation, as it is the main occupation of almost all the inhabitants of the village.

Οur philosophy

We are not only standardizers, but we take care and cultivate our own olive groves. Knowing the requirements and good practices of quality olive oil production, we seek partnerships with certified producers, with whom we share the same philosophy for high production standards with respect for the Greek land and the natural environment.

Our goal is to combine modern methods of standardization and quality control with the olive growing tradition of our country, in order to offer the consumer a pure, quality and at the same time beneficial for their health product that will trust and include in their daily diet.

Why choose our products

Family Company

We are a purely family and Greek business. The largest amount of our organic extra virgin olive oil comes from our family estates. The exact same olive oil, we also enjoy at our table.

Local producers

We strongly support local producers. We seek stable partnerships with selected olive producers, without intermediaries, in order to ensure fine quality olive oil.

Excellent quality

We only produce extra virgin organic and conventional olive oil. There is a clear separation of the tanks and the bottling process of organic and conventional olive oil.

Selected olive mills

The olive fruit, either from our groves or from the olive producers we cooperate with, is pressed in selected olive mills that use the cold pressing method and adhere to strict quality standards.


We abide food safety systems according to the FSSC 22000 standard (recognized by GFSI) for which we are certified by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS. We also have organic olive oil standardization certification from BIOHELLAS.

Quality analysis

We regularly conduct quality analyses in well-known and prestigious laboratories, in order to always be sure of the excellent quality of the olive oil we offer.

Proper packaging

Our packaging has been selected with the criterion of ensuring product quality and ease of use by the final consumer.

Order flexibility

We are flexible on small or large quantity orders. We bottle on demand, so that the olive oil is kept in excellent conditions. Our constant goal is to exceed the expectations of the consumer.

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