Production process

The know-how and good practices that we reverently follow certify the quality of every drop of “Nostalgaia” and are a non-negotiable principle for us.


Each olive tree is for us the most important partner. For the care and cultivation of the olive groves, we use traditional and modern cultivation methods of our estates, always friendly to the environment. We control the entire process from the cultivation of the olive tree to the harvesting of the olive fruit and the oil extraction.


Harvesting begins before the fruit is fully ripe, usually at the beginning of November. It is carried out with traditional and modern methods, completely friendly to the environment. The fruit is collected in perforated crates suitable for food, so that they are aerated until they are transported to the olive mill.

Olive fruit transport

Detail and commitment to the goal makes the difference. The olive fruit, after harvesting, is transported directly to selected olive mills, certified for organic products. In a period of 1-2 hours from the harvest, the extraction of the olive fruit begins.


The olive fruit is pressed without the addition of water, at ambient temperatures of up to 27 °C (cold pressing), in order to achieve excellent quality and preserve the rich aromas, as well as the valuable nutrients of the olive oil.

Olive oil transportation

The olive oil we receive comes from family estates and from certified producers, with whom we maintain stable cooperation and share the same philosophy for high standards of production with respect for the Greek land and the environment.


The olive oil is stored in certified for food, stainless tanks, with a heating/cooling jacket, in controlled atmosphere conditions (nitrogen use) so that it does not oxidize and keeps its organoleptic characteristics intact. With the above standard storage method, we achieve a constant temperature (14°C to 18°C), in the absence of light, oxygen and humidity from the first day of storage until bottling.


Bottling is done according to strict standards with particular emphasis on nitrogen supply to the bottles, meticulous cleanliness and excellent bottling and packaging conditions. The bottles we have chosen for our products (uvag glass bottle and tin containers) ensure the proper maintenance of the product away from light and oxygen.

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